Chinook's Edge School Division

About Us

Philosophy & Mission

Chinook’s Edge School Division will engage every student in meaningful learning by challenging, encouraging and believing in them.

Chinook’s Edge School Division will be universally recognized as a collaborative learning community where learning is personalized for all students to achieve success as compassionate and innovative global citizens.


Innisfail Career High School is a fully accredited public high school with Alberta Learning that provides the opportunity for students and adults to complete their High School Diploma or upgrade their education in a positive, small open school environment, with the opportunity to learn valuable work place skills.


Hours Of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8:30 A.M. - 3:30 P.M

We are open over the lunch hour. No appointment necessary.


Mutual Respect:

RESPECT the staff - RESPECT the learners - RESPECT the school - RESPECT the Community - RESPECT Yourself

All students have access to safe and caring learning enviromnment



Students can choose how they learn and whether to work at home or at the school.



Daily attendance is not required. Students are expected to meet their timelines and have conversations with teachers on a regular basis.


Self Directedness:

We emphasize self-directedness as a skill needed fo lifelong learning, we help our students 'Love How To Learn'



Academic, career and personal counseling are available on-site and in cooperation with commuity services.

As an accredited high school, we offer Alberta Education Curriculum to students who choose to enroll at our school.




School Fees are: $104.00 for a full year or $52.00 for each semester for students under 20 years of age.

Adult students are welcome, please call the school for current rates.